Osho Meditative Therapies


Osho Meditative Therapies

In the last year he is in the body, Osho creates three Meditative Therapies, which he says are very powerful.


The Mystic Rose

laughter, tears and silence

‘Since Gautam Buddha, not a single new meditation has been evolved. I am now giving you a new meditation. I have named it The Mystic Rose, and it reaches to your very essence, your very being.

It is laughing and crying without any reason.

It is designed to bring out all the poison from your being that has been injected by every generation for centuries. It will be a deep cleansing of the wounds and scars of centuries. Society has repressed your laughter and your crying because they disturb the status quo. This has been going on for a millennium – we have been repressed much, and whatever is repressed in this way becomes a wound. These wounds and scars have been developing for many lives; they are not part of the body, they are in the consciousness, and have to be released.

This meditative therapy also functions as physiological change, a medical transformation, and brings out the child in you with its freshness and wonder. So this is a new healing process that I am giving you, an absolutely new meditation which has never existed before in the history of mankind.

Laughter is the first step. Laughing for no reason for three hours a day, for one week.

Laughter has meditative powers, and medicinal powers. It certainly changes your very chemistry; it changes your brain waves, it changes your intelligence – you become more intelligent. The parts of your mind that have been asleep suddenly wake up. The laughter reaches to the innermost part of your brain, to your heart.

The second step is tears – crying for no reason for three hours a day, for one week.

Tears have been repressed even more deeply. We have been told that tears are a symptom of weakness – they are not. Tears can cleanse not only your eyes, but your heart too. They soften you, it is a biological strategy to keep you clean, to keep you unburdened.

The first part removes everything that hinders your laughter – all the inhibitions of past humanity, all the repressions. It cuts them away. It brings a new space within you, but still you have to go a few steps more to reach the temple of your being, because you have suppressed so much sadness, so much despair, so much anxiety, so many tears – they are all there, covering you and destroying your beauty, your grace, your joy.

When a person reaches into his innermost being he will find the first layer is of laughter and the second layer is of agony, tears. If you bring out all your laughter and all your tears, it can clean you completely, so that you can become an innocent child.

Three hours has been chosen because it is like a dam when this laughing and crying breaks – it is like a dam and one hour is not enough. The question is just to break the dam. You will find it very releasing.

The third step is silence, sitting silently for three hours a day for one week. I have called it ‘The Watcher on the Hills’. Become as silent as if you are alone on the top of an Himalayan peak, utterly silent and alone, just watching, listening… sensitive, but still.

I am giving you a very fundamental technique, fresh and unused. And it is going to become worldwide, without any doubt, because its effects will show anybody that the person has become younger, the person has become more loving, the person has become graceful. The person has become more flexible, less fanatic; the person has become more joyful, more a celebrant.’



a technique to start getting out of the mind

‘I have revived an old Sufi method created by an almost unknown Master Jabbar. The English word gibber comes from his name. He never used language, he always used gibberish but it got lost with him. No-one realised what a tremendous work he was doing to help his disciples get out of their minds.

Now I have revived it, and every day 5,000 people are doing it. It makes the mind silent because it is irrational, it pushes the mind aside because the mind has no way of dealing with it. You can simply do it by yourself, without any effort. Gibberish is the antidote of mind and the beginning of meditation.

It goes deeper and quicker than any psychoanalysis, and a person can do it themselves, so there is no need to pay the new priests, the psychologists. You do gibberish (speaking without any language) for one hour a day, followed by silent sitting for one hour. You do that for one week.’


Born Again

a technique to regain your innocence

This technique is also two hours a day, for seven days.

‘For the first hour you behave like a child, just enter into your childhood. Whatever you wanted to do, do it – dancing, singing, jumping, crying, weeping – anything at all, in any postures. Nothing is prohibited except touching other people. Don’t touch or harm anyone else in the process.

For the second hour just sit silently.

You will be more fresh, more innocent, and meditation will become easier.’

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