The cancer of fixed moral codes & commandments

Codes and Commandments

The cancer of fixed moral codes, commandments, & so-called religious disciplines

One thing has to be understood as the very foundation of a sane life, and that is that life is a constant change. It cannot be with any fixed rules, commandments, morals, or disciplines. They all go against the flow of life – they treat life as if it is fixed. And because all moral codes are bound to be fixed, they are continuously in conflict with life. That’s why every morality, every religion, in the end starts condemning life. It is so idiotic that they can’t see that it is not life which is wrong, but their fixed and dead disciplines which can’t cope with life – life which is continuously moving on.

I am not a moralist, and I am not an immoralist. My whole approach is amoral. Amorality can be understood as immorality, and that is one of the reasons I am condemned all over the world. But amorality is transcendental to both morality and immorality. It is to live life moment to moment, responding with full awareness – not according to fixed principles, but in sheer absolute spontaneity.

Awareness to me is the only virtue. And unawareness the only sin. And every individual has to act according to his own awareness, not according to Moses, or Manu, or Mahavira, or Mohammed.

All moralities create prisons for the soul. They give a fixed attitude of what is right and what is wrong, and life never fits with your fixed attitudes. So a person is in constant conflict with their own nature. All that these moral codes have done is to create an inhibited, suppressed guilty human being. That’s why I call them the cancer of the soul.

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