Critical Acclaim for Osho

_The US government’s refusal to accept Osho as a religious teacher touches off a storm of protest from religious and other professionals around the world. Scholars from every Christian denomination (Catholic, Baptist, Church of England, Presbyterian, Quaker, Lutheran and Orthodox), Jewish Rabbis, Zen temple priests, Buddhist scholars and professors of religion from all over the world write in his favour. As do major figures from the worlds of science, medicine, psychology, sociology, business and the arts.

See excerpts from some of their letters here.

Their message is summed up by the Hollywood poet, author and movie-maker, James Broughton: ‘[Osho] is one of the most extraordinary men of these last decades of this century. He is a teacher and author of exceptional abilities, having brought into the history and understanding of religion a fertile new insight and illumination. I am convinced that in the spiritual tradition here is a mind of intellectual brilliance and persuasive ability as an author. He has given me new comprehensions of Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, and Hindu teachings, mystical practice, and historical significance. It is [Osho’s] special talent that he helps one to a deeper awareness of all religious experience in a manner that is both necessary and appropriate to present day society. I believe him to be a major force for religious consciousness in our time.’

An interesting fact the letters reveal is that the authors, professionals from varied fields, each consider Osho to be an expert in their own field.

Psychologists call him ‘the most outstanding teacher in psychology in the world today’ and an extraordinarily gifted psychologist’.

Artists call him ‘an artist of exceptional vision’, ‘a master artist’ and ‘an exceptional artist of words’. ‘(Osho’s) thoughts about music are among the deepest and most inspiring in contemporary musical thinking’. ‘His talk about theatre was the most profound and insightful I’ve ever heard on that issue.’

A professor of international business at the School of International Politics, Economics and Business, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, describes Osho simply as ‘a truly universal genius’.

From the normally insular world of religion, religious figures are unanimous in praising Osho.  ‘[He] is a scholar of many religious views, including Hinduism , Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, and Christianity. He has not only studied the religions of the world but perceived and been able to communicate the spirit or inner essence of them all. While his roots remain in the East, he is not seeking to promote the dominance of any one religion over others.’

Other religious leaders and professors describe him as ‘the rarest and most talented religionist’‘a great religious master of our age’‘one of the most outstanding religious figures of all time’, ‘one of the great living teachers in the world, ‘a religious teacher and spiritual leader of exceptional ability’, ‘a uniquely brilliant spiritual teacher’, ‘one of the great lights of this century‘, ‘one of the most outstanding and enlightened religious leaders in our’ time, ‘a rareaddition to the teaching corps of the world religions’, and ‘a master who opens the Age of Aquarius’.

Scientists describe him as ‘undoubtedly an extraordinary philosopher and scientist’A Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, USA, even goes so far as to pronounce Osho ‘without doubt the foremost general systems engineer alive today’.

As Ted L. Shay, Professor of Political Science at Willamette University, Oregon, sums up, ‘[He] is obviously one of the world’s most exceptional men.’

As a result of these letters, the government rescinds its decision, but then refuses to adjudicate Osho’s application, leaving him in legal limbo for the remainder of his years in the US.

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