Creates New Meditations

_Osho begins, for the first time in 14 years, to personally lead a meditation at each evening’s discourse. He creates a ‘Stop Dance’ meditation at the beginning of the evening, and a ‘Gibberish and Let-Go’ meditation at the end of his talk.

As always, he leaves the hall dancing with his people.

He also introduces a revolutionary new meditative therapy called The Mystic Rose, which he says is the most important meditation since vipassana was invented centuries before.

He says not only is it a meditation, it also functions as a physiological change and a physical healing process. It is a deep cleansing of many wounds and scars. Society has repressed your laughter and your crying because they disturb the status quo. And whatever is repressed becomes a wound. These wounds and scars have to be released.

The process lasts three weeks, starting with seven days of laughing for three hours. The second week goes deeper – it is crying for three hours a day. And the final week is sitting silently for three hours a day. ‘Let your tears be released and your laughter be released and you will feel like a new man’. More.

Subsequently he creates two more one-week ‘meditative therapy’ processes:  No Mind, which consists of babbling nonsense words (based on a Sufi technique of gibberish) for one hour a day, followed by one hour of silence, and Born Again, in which you act and play like a child for one hour a day, followed by one hour of silent sitting.


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