Arrest in the US

___When Osho’s plane lands in Charlotte, he and his companions are arrested, without warrants, at gunpoint (12 loaded rifles). They are chained hand and feet, and immediately taken to jail. The others are released on bail, but Osho is held without bail for 12 days.

The charges against Osho are technical immigration violations – specifically that he conspired to the making of illegal marriages so his foreign disciples could stay at the ranch. It is unprecedented that someone with no history of violence is denied bail on such minor charges.

A five-hour return trip to Oregon in federal prison aircraft takes four days. En route, Osho is held incommunicado and forced to register under the pseudonym, David Washington, in the Oklahoma County jail. He refused to sign with that name, and the registration record clearly shows his distinctive signature under the name David Washington.

Subsequent events indicate that it is probable that he is poisoned with the heavy metal thallium while in that jail and the El Reno Federal Penitentiary. See these books for more details.

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