We are part of the whole. We are not outsiders. We are insiders. We are the mystery, and to discover this mystery, the only science is that of meditation. There is no other way. And meditation can be reduced into a simple form of witnessing, watching, observing, awareness.

There are 112 techniques which you can experiment with to find the one which clicks for you. Those techniques are represented by the 112 beads on the mala of a sannyasin. And the 113th key bead is the essential foundation that runs through all the techniques – and that is witnessing.

I have also developed preparatory techniques – Dynamic, Kundalini, etc – which are necessary for the contemporary human being. They are cathartic. The ancient man had no need of them – he was simple, childlike and innocent, and he could begin his journey into meditations directly. But for the modern man, there is a gap between him and those meditations. That gap has come through repressions, inhibitions, which have accumulated in the unconscious like a rock wall. My meditations are just to remove that rock. Once it is removed, then the contemporary man is in the same innocent stage as the innocent man. From there he can begin the right meditation.

So my active meditations are not really meditations, but preparation for these 112 meditations. Afterwards, then any of the 112 will do. You just have to practice each for a few days and find one which ‘clicks’. No-one can say which will click for each individual. But when you find the right one, there is an immense certainty in the heart that this is for me. Then continue with that meditation.

Meditation is the way to go beyond mind and enter into the dimension of the unknown. Meditation is witnessing, watching, observing, awareness – witnessing your body, your thoughts, your emotions and feelings – because the moment you witness something, you become separate from it.

Once your body, your mind, your emotions and moods disappear, suddenly there is a quantum leap, the witness has nothing to witness anymore, it comes home. It witnesses itself. It becomes both the seer and the seen, the object and the subject, and for the first time you have unity. This experience of absolute organic unity of your consciousness has been called by different names – moksha, nirvana, liberation, enlightenment, illumination. Whatever word you choose makes no difference. But this is the ultimate peak, this is the ultimate goal of human life.