The failure of all the social, political and economic structures, and Osho’s vision for the future



The social structure was created by vested interests, who were not for man but for their own self interest. They wanted man to be mechanical and robot-like, so they could use him just as they have used machines.

For this purpose they had to create socio-political orders. They divided humanity into nations, into colors, into races, into religions, into castes, into classes. They have tried to divide humanity in as many ways as possible. Divide and rule has always been the fundamental principle of all exploiters – it weakens the solidity of human beings. They have weakened the individual strength and authenticity of humans.

According to me, man can attain to his splendor and freedom only if there are no nations, no races, no discriminations of any kind. One world, one humanity. Naturally, this would need a new kind of socio-political system.

All the systems that have been created up to now – feudalism, capitalism, fascism, communism – they have all failed utterly, they have created a ridiculous humanity.

There was great hope for centuries in the idea of democracy, but it was without any scientific basis – it was more a poetic vision than a mystic’s insight. It looked beautiful – government of the people by the people for the people – but it is not practical. And now we know by experience that it has failed everywhere. Rather than creating a democratic society, we have created a hypocrisy, which pretends to be what it is not.

And I condemn dictatorship, which ultimately creates concentration camps, and all fanatic fascist ideologies, which are insane and fundamentally lead to destruction and war.

I also do not support what goes in the name of capitalism – where the richer go on becoming richer and the poor become poorer. And the amazing part is that the poor are the producers of the wealth, but are not the beneficiaries. The capitalists don’t produce, but have developed a cunning system of exploitation.

I propose a new manifesto, for meritocracy.

There should be only one world government, which is only functional, without power. If there is only one world government, there will be no wars, so there will be no need to waste 75% of the world’s finance on armies and armaments. That 75% can destroy all the poverty, sickness, even old age, and can give man a much longer lifespan. It will bring a total revolution.

The world government won’t be chosen by the masses. It will consist of geniuses from every field, elected by different kinds of specialists, chosen on individual merit, achievements, discoveries, inventions, creations. These elected ministers will be rotated regularly so there can be no question of power orientation. And the ministers together will nominate the president outside of any specialized field of knowledge – a mystic, poet, dancer, singer … but the focus will be on a wise person. The ministers will also choose experts from their own fields, as their committees, and those experts together will constitute the world parliament. Every branch of knowledge, science, art, should be represented. For example, the Ministry of Science will be several Ministers representing physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics. So all the sciences should have their own representatives because now every science is in itself such a vast phenomenon that not one single person can represent all. So this world parliament will consist of geniuses from every field.

And it will be easy to make it just functional and not to give it power, because there will be no war. It is war that gives power to the governments. And to keep it absolutely certain that it doesn’t become power oriented, it will be a constantly rotating government. Every year all ministers change. Every three years, the president changes. And anyone who once has been a minister, can never be one again. He can be part of many advisory committees but never again in power. All past presidents automatically will become advisors to the present president.

There is going to be no political party. Individuals will be chosen on individual merit, achievements, discoveries, inventions, creativity. They will be the very salt of the earth.

Up to now the world has been ruled by pygmies, crackpots, psychologically sick, inferior human beings, whose only object was to attain power. The very desire for power is sick. It comes out of the inferiority complex. A man of real superiority has no need of any power. His power is intrinsic, it radiates from his being. He has no desire to dominate because he is master of himself.

My whole idea is to give the geniuses a chance up to now never given. Only the geniuses will rule the world.


The family has been the foundation of the old society. With the old society disappearing, the family cannot remain in existence. Neither it deserves to remain. It is the source of many sicknesses to humanity.

First, it creates a certain commitment with the members of the family towards the family unit. Right or wrong, you have to live and die for your family. The same attitude is magnified towards the nation, towards the church. They all teach that the individual exists for them, not vice versa. Hence individuals have been sacrificed down the ages in the name of religion, nationality, race.

The family also creates a certain psychologically sick attitude towards oneself, because the family wants every child to be a prototype, a carbon-copy according to the family and its tradition. It does not allow the original face to have its expression. A child is loved and respected if he is obedient. Disobedience is the greatest sin.

The story of Adam and Eve, and what happened to them when they disobeyed god the father, is significant because it has been repeated with every child in every family. The total result is that either the child becomes an obedient slave or he becomes a disobedient criminal. But in both cases it harms his inner being and its growth. Saints and criminals are polar opposites, but their basic problem is the same. The saint is suffering from obedience and the criminal is suffering from disobedience.

Secondly, the child is exposed to a very limited experience. The girl knows only the father as representative of men. The boys know only the mother as the essential woman. This is called by psychotherapists and other scientists, ‘The Imprint’. The boy becomes imprinted with two ideas: Through his whole life he will expect the woman he loves to be his mother, and he will unconsciously behave like his father. And the woman he loves expects him to be her father, while he can be only his father. And the woman does not want to be his mother, she wants to be her mother. These are unconscious imprints, which come into conflict. Hence all families in the world live in conflict and continuous antagonism. Psychologists have even started calling the couple ‘intimate enemies’.

This is one of the causes of so much psychosis, neurosis and insanity in the world. The family is the source of all this insanity. Hence it is time for the family to be replaced by communes. Then children won’t have fixed, fundamentally fascist attitudes. They will be exposed to many people, they will grow more as individuals, and will be more relaxed and flexible in adjusting to different kinds of people.

I am also in favour of genetic engineering. In the past we have lived in darkness and blindness, and children have been born accidentally. We have given birth to them not knowing what they are, and what they are going to be. It is time to move from blind reproduction to scientific genetic engineering, so the world gets the children it needs to evolve higher. And as genetic engineering will progress, there is a possibility to change the program of the sperm and the eggs so we can make them what we want them to be – strong, intelligent, talented, healthy. This can change the whole face of the earth.

It will change the relationship between husbands and wives. Then their lovemaking can be just fun – the old seriousness needn’t be carried any more. Right now it is possible to inject the right sperm into the mother’s womb, but that is only the beginning. Finally the child will be in a mechanical womb so the mother cannot be forced to live in an unnecessary suffering of pregnancy. And the woman freed from pregnancy is a woman liberated from man’s slavery.

The society can decide what kind of people are needed – how many surgeons, physicians etc. Nobody need be unemployed because we will be producing only those who are needed.

The children shouldn’t be possessions of parents any more. Parents can love them, rejoice in them, give them their names, but basically they will belong to the commune. They will be exposed to a vast number of people, so the old limited imprint will disappear. A child will be exposed to many women – not only the mother. More important will be aunts and uncles. The whole idea is that every child should have a very vague idea of a man or woman so they can adjust later with any kind of man or woman. They won’t have a fixed, fundamentalist fascist attitude. They will be more relaxed and flexible in adjusting to different kinds of individuals.

This will remove almost ninety-nine point nine percent possibility of insanity from the world.


It will also facilitate sexual exploration. Children become sexually potent at about the age of thirteen or fourteen. But they are deprived from sexual expression and experimentation until they are married at about twenty-six or twenty-seven. Their highest peak of sexual energy is about seventeen years. After that it declines. By the time they are married it is already on the downhill track. So they can’t experience what orgasm is. It is absolutely fundamental that a person experience orgasm. To me that is the source of all religiousness and all spiritual inquiry beyond.

Orgasmic experience provides a first experience of no-time, no-space. It is only for a moment, but that moment becomes important because it gives a glimpse of what is possible, and possible for the whole life. One can live twenty-four hours in an orgasmic space.

I call that person a sage. Not the sexually repressed, but one who has experienced sex in its totality and has transcended it. Now he doesn’t need it anymore – he has understood that if he can stop time and move into a space of silence, he finds a million times more beautiful spaces. Sex slowly slowly pales down. This is not celibacy. This is absolute transcendence. It brings a beautiful alchemical change in the person.

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