I have no philosophy. Instead I use the word ‘philosia’, which is experiencing, or seeing, rather than thinking. Philosophy means a love of knowledge. The eastern approach is totally different. The eastern seeker is not interested in knowing about truth, but rather in experiencing or being the truth.

I am not a philosopher for the simple reason that my approach to existence is not through logic or mind. My approach is through a state of no-mind.

Existence to me is not something to be reasoned about, but something to be experienced. And the only way to experience existence is in a state of no-mind; hence the emphasis is on meditation.

Philosia has nothing to do with the philosophy of existentialism, which is still of the mind – thinking about existence. Experience explodes only when there is no thought at all.

One of my contributions to human evolution is to live without expectations. Then life becomes a sheer dance. I believe neither in logic nor in faith. I simply believe in the irrationality of existence because a rational existence would not be worth living. Once existence is de-mystified it loses all juice. Existence remains a challenge, a continuous provocation for the courageous, an invitation for those who are not stuck in their bio-computers, their minds, but who are ready to go beyond the mind and appreciate the beauty of a rose flower without asking for any explanation.

All the past religions, theologies, and philosophies have simply destroyed this art of living life as a mystery.

My existentialism has nothing to do with meaninglessness because I am not looking for meaning. Hence I am not asking existence to be something other than it is. Rather than trying to change existence, my approach is to change myself and be in tune with the cosmic whole. Because of this approach, the words that I use are ‘blissfulness’, ‘ecstasy’, ‘enlightenment’, and the mystery beyond enlightenment. This is my life affirmative philosophy.

So I have no philosophy, no religion, no doctrine or dogma, and no god.

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