Priests & Politicians

Priests & Politicians

The most dangerous poison to human growth

Priests and politicians are part of a conspiracy.

The priest is enslaving the soul of man, and the politician the body. They support each other in this conspiracy, as long as they can see things divided between them.

The conspiracy is that they both need wars, they both need poverty, they both need people in suffering, misery, orphans, widows, sick people.

Priests and politicians have, for centuries, been killing and destroying people – the whole history of politics and religion is the history of criminals, murderers. In three thousand years, they have created five thousand wars.

I know politicians talk about peace and love, but don’t be deceived by their talk. They talk about peace and prepare for war. Never listen to what the politician says; always watch what he is doing.

And they are tricky, very diplomatic. When they say, ‘Love your country,’ they are saying, ‘Hate your neighbors.’ Deep down in the teaching of the love of the motherland, they are preparing you for war. Then you start hating the neighbors: they don’t belong to your nation, they don’t belong to your race, they don’t belong to your religion. If you love your religion, you will hate other religions; if you love your country, you will hate other countries; if you love your color, you will hate people who are of a different color.

If you really want to love human beings you have to stop loving the country, you have to stop loving the religion, you have to stop loving your color. If you really want to love human beings you have to stop all political nonsense.

Priests are the politicians of the inner world of man – they are in a conspiracy against religiousness, which is always individual. They are the parasites of man’s freedom, evolution, self-respect. They reduce man to a sinner. They create the greatest wound in the soul, that of guilt.

And once man starts feeling guilty he starts hating himself. And this is the strategy – to destroy his pride, his dignity and his future. This is the way he has been enslaved down the centuries.

The priest is the ugliest profession – even uglier than the politician and the prostitute, because the prostitute only sells her body, the politician only exploits man’s outer freedom and destroys it. But the priest destroys man’s very soul. He is the most irreligious person in the society.

The politician protects the priest, the priest blesses the politician – and the masses are exploited, sucked; their blood is sucked by both.

It is a strange combination: a hypothetical ‘God’ being represented by the most criminal profession of the priests and the popes.

Remove God and you remove the politicians, you remove the politics, you remove the priest, you remove the conspiracy between the priest and the politician. And with these two removed, fifty percent of your miseries will disappear.

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